Summer Curls+Styles

We have entered the hot dog days of summer. I have not given up on trying to be cute though! The humidity makes hairstyling challenging, but not impossible

This time of year is the perfect time to try new braids. I’ve been loving the infinity braid. Once you master the figure 8 technique, it’s fairly simple. In the photos below, I used Aveda’s Pure Abundance Style Prep to give the root of Bailey’s hair some texture. On the ends, I prepped the hair with Brilliant Damage Control and Light Elements Smoothing Liquid. The loose waves and braid are held in place by my favorite hairspray, Air Control

I’ve been diffusing my hair lately and embracing my natural waves. After shampooing, I use Aveda’s Phomollient weightless Styling foam on WET hair and comb through. It provides the perfect amount of frizz-free hold. I diffuse the roots and air-dry the ends. In the morning to refresh my hair, I spritz the mid to ends with water and scrunch with either phomollient or confixor. Confixor provides a little more hold when it’s extra humid. I also love Aveda’s Texture Tonic. It’s my go-to instant curl refresher. It’s a great quick fix!

**I avoid smooth styles and the flat iron at all cost in August+September. Sometimes you gotta grow where you’re planted and embrace being hot and steamy. Sauce it up with those hair products and be cool, friends

Body Compliments

I love a good compliment! I love giving them and I love receiving them. But, have you ever received a compliment about your body that made you feel bad about yourself? I have 🙋🏼‍♀️

Back handed compliments are not really compliments at all. Back handed compliments are used to make the giver feel good and the receiver feel bad.

I lost about 30lbs over the past year, give or take a couple months. In the beginning, I expected the occasional “what are you doing? You look great!” compliments. Since initially losing weight, I have not lost or gained weight in the past 4-6months.

To preface this post, two years ago I had the hardest most grief-stricken year of my life. It was one thing after another. I used food as my comfort through the heartache and gained about 30-40lbs.

I’m in a much better emotional place now, but I find myself feeling icky sometimes after receiving “compliments” about my body

For example:

“Every time I see you, you get smaller and smaller”

“I bet your husband can’t keep his hands off you (since you lost weight)”

“If you keep losing weight, you’re going to blow away”

“You look so good. How much weight have you lost?

“You look better when your smaller”

“You can really tell what a small person you are now”

“Did you have a baby?”

Here are 5 big problems with these type of compliments:

  1. Our value and beauty is not measured by how small we can shrink our bodies
  2. Women are under more pressure than ever to “measure up”
  3. It’s in poor taste to comment on a person’s body. Let’s go back to basic etiquette, y’all!
  4. Eating disorders are real. Please don’t whisper. Please don’t ask.
  5. In this society, we glorify weight loss. Let’s not. You never know people’s struggles

Here are some things to remember:

  • If you see someone who may have recently gained/lost a significant amount of weight, don’t make a fuss. Ask them what’s new. Chances are, they’ll tell you what they’re doing if they’ve changed their lifestyle/diet
  • Never, never, NEVER ask someone if they are pregnant or when their baby is due. Just don’t! If a woman wants you to know about their fertility, she’ll send you an invitation to the baby shower
  • Humans attribute how slim you are to your success in life, which could not be farther from the truth
  • Thin people are NOT always healthy
  • God joyfully and lovingly makes us all in his image. All. Of. Us.
  • If you know that someone is struggling with their weight, pray that they find peace and comfort in their life
  • If YOU are struggling, know that you are beautiful and should be celebrated for the special person God made you to be
  • Be kind to yourself and kind to one another

The Better Skin Co.

I popped into my friend’s shop on Monday and met with special guest, Murphy D. Bishop. I was so blown away with his skincare company called Better Skin Co.

He had some great stories about his skincare secrets. He’s developed a line of products well suited for ALL people. I am a sucker for a company with an inclusive culture. I wanted to buy the entire line of products!

I started with a few key products that I knew my audience would want to hear about. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful packaging. Murphy can attest that the quality of the ingredients are very luxurious, but I was impressed that the price was kept very reasonable. I can honestly say that these products are totally guilt free and fabulous

One thing that always makes me sad is when people say, “oh, I have that (product) but I don’t want to use it because it was very expensive”

Ladies and gentlemen, skincare only works if you commit to using it regularly

That being said, I couldn’t wait to start using the products. I went home that evening and gave myself an at-home spa night with my new goodies

I have difficult sensitive skin. I’ll breakout if I sneeze wrong. I am acne-prone, yet I’m in my mid-thirties. So, acne skincare does not work well for me. I like multitasking products that marry anti-aging ingredients with acne-fighting ingredients

The “Zit No More” roller ball dried my pimple up overnight! Murphy said it would, but I had to see it for myself. I was totally blown away! The Tea Tree and Salicylic Acid felt refreshing and light on my skin and the packaging is very hygienic. The tea tree oil is naturally an antibacterial agent. At only $18, I think I will buy one of these for my purse and one for home in case I feel a pimple pops up

I love a good setting spray or refreshing mist! A summer beauty secret of mine is keeping my mists in the fridge for optimum refreshing. Haha!

The Super Shield Boost ($22) + Epic C Boost ($22) mists we the first things I wanted to try. Before applying anything to my skin, I spritzed a cotton ball and used the mist as a toner. Afterwards, I misted my skin in an “X” shape. I had a “tightening” effect to my skin immediately and left my skin glowing

I have always had a love/hate relationship with moisturizers. I know, I know. Yes, you should ALWAYS wear moisturizer, but I was scarred for life with the yellow oily moisturizers of the 90’s (not naming names or anything lol). YUCK!

Murphy said their moisturizer is called “Genius in a Jar” and I am a believer after using it. My skin feels hydrated and looks radiant, but feels clean and oil-free. Like, HOW?! What sorcery is this?! And to top it off, their Mirakle Cream is only $34. I finally can feel guilt-free about bringing my moisturizer all of the way down to my décolleté. Before, I felt like I would be “wasting” my more pricey creams because it was so expensive. I am adulting like a boss!!!!

I live in Alabama where the climate is like a sauna, hot and extremely humid. Balms have never really been a thing for me. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try the Amaze Balm ($36) because Murphy told me one of the ingredients was beeswax. I am so glad he convinced me to try it! It nourished my skin and dried down to me smooth-to-the-touch. I used it at night and my skin was totally refreshed+repaired when I woke up in the morning

I highly recommend The Better Skin Co. products! I think my skin looks great and I feel so confident about the clarity and radiance it’s brought to my skin.

What do y’all think? Have y’all used this line before? What else should I try from their line? I’m a self-admitted skincare junkie. Lemme hear from ya ❤️

Disney Princess Collection

My obsession with ColourPop Cosmetics continues with the addition of their “It’s a Princess Thing” Shadow Palette

Originally, I was going to just order it for a secret Santa holiday party. I had a serious case of “one for you, one for me”

Honestly, who could resist?! Obviously, not this chick. It’s a great mix of super glitzy metallic textures and midtone matte colors. It’s one of the best palettes I have seen for Smokey eyes

The price was very reasonable ($20) and it’s cruelty free

This palette is my second eyeshadow palette I’ve purchased from this brand. I have enjoyed the smooth blendability and exceptional staying power of their shadows.

I’m keeping this one for myself. Sorry, clients haha!

🌟Summer Star Vacation Items🌟

Memorial Day kicks off the start of summer! I know I’m ready for a summer vacation🌴☀️ Bring on the warm sand and tan-in-a-can!

Here are some of my favorite products for summer vacation:

DIY Royal Wedding Makeup

Meghan Markle epitomizes Modern Beauty! She looked like a true-life Disney Princess. The best part is that she stayed absolutely true to herself. I noticed several things that made this look timeless

  • Ultra Sheer Coverage Foundation
  • Hydrated Blush-Colored Lip
  • Luminous Glowy Skin
  • Lightly Structured Brows
  • Fluffy Midnight Black Lashes

Here are a few products I like to get the Royal look at home:

  • Laura Mercier – Foundation Primer
  • MAC Cosmetics – Face+Body Foundation

  • Clé Peau Beauté – Correcteur Visage Concealer
  • Benefit – High Beam Liquid Highlighter

  • Honest Beauty – “Pink Rose” Creme Blush
  • Glō Skin Beauty – “Sunkiss” Mineral Bronzer
  • Maybelline – Shine Free Oil Control Powder
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills – Soft Glam Palette
  • Charlotte Tilbury – “Supermodel” Legendary Brows
  • Bobbi Brown – Extreme Party Mascara
  • Trish McEvoy – Intense Gel Eyeliner
  • Elf – “Mocha Kiss” Tinted Lip Oil

  • MAC Cosmetics – “Stripdown” Lip Pencil

Revlon’s Mega Multiplier Mascara

Revlon’s Mega Multiplier Mascara Review

I give this mascara a thumbs up! It had mixed reviews by various beauty bloggers. It’s one of the few drug store tubing mascaras. It’s not quite as luxurious as my Trish McEvoy Curling Mascara, but it definitely holds its own


  1. 360° Tubing Technology + Fibers is a perfect formulation for length + volume
  2. This Mascara is totally flake-free and super long wearing
  3. No makeup remover needed
  4. The fluffy tapered brush makes coating each lash root-to-tip effortless
  5. The price is VERY affordable


  1. The formula is a little drying. It felt more comfortable when I prepped my lashes with a lash primer first
  2. The brush isn’t as tapered as I wish it was to get the lashes in the inner corners
  3. It was so long wearing that it was a little difficult to remove

Final Thoughts:

I would definitely repurchase this Mascara because it’s so easy to get my hands on (Walmart) and the price point makes it totally worth it!

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